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Success Stories

For all of you seriously thinking about getting a personal trainer, I highly

recommend Maria Mikola. She is extremely inspirational and motivational. Working out had been a regular ritual in my life when I started training with Maria. I decided to get a trainer to change things up from my usual routines and get some motivation to help me reach my goals. Anyone that works out knows that working out alone can get boring and having that extra push makes a big difference. Especially when working with weights alone, it’s hard to reach your fullest potential without a partner/trainer in handling the weights safely. Maria is highly knowledgeable and has a great passion in what she does. In the time we worked together Maria motivated me to work hard and I had a blast doing it. I always looked forward to our workouts. She created a routine that was tailored to my specific needs along with a nutritional plan that coincided with my desires to build muscle and decrease body fat. The combination of my training with Maria and her nutritional advice made it much easier and more enjoyable to reach the level of fitness I desired. I lost 7% body fat and have maintained it, in large part thanks to Maria. I have gained much knowledge and Maria continues to be available when I have a question or need advice. She did specific training with my daughter to help her with her dance and gymnastics. Maria is a real professional and I highly recommend her.

         - S. Hardy

I have been training with Maria for almost a year. Maria is the most motivating person I know. She has helped me get stronger and to feel really good about myself. She gives 100% to me and so it makes me always strive to give myself 100%. I look forward to our workouts together. Thanks Maria, finding you has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.

       - B. Plain, homemaker & mother of 7

I had been working out for approximately 1 1/2 years when I began to have increased problems with back pain. I stopped going to the gym for approximately 6 months, when I realized I was not getting any better. Knowing this and following the advice of my doctor I decided to begin work outs again - but this time with a personal trainer. Maria Mikola came highly recommended by a friend. I have been working with her for approximately 10 months and the gains I have made have been incredible.

My back pain is controlled most of the time without medications. I have been increasing my weights. Maria continues to find new exercises that allow me to make gains and without injury to my back. She also has given me numerous stretching exercises - especially focusing on the back that help immensely. My family physician as well as an orthopaedic physician are impressed with the gains.

This has definitely been the best investment I have made.

      - G. Houston

I bowled the best I have bowled, perhaps ever. My core stability has vastly improved (I no longer fall off balance as I deliver the ball) and though I am probably still throwing the ball about 15-16 mph, I was really in control. When I released the ball, it went where I intended it to go (not always the case in the past).

Everything just seemed to come together last night! I know the intent was

for Maria to help my husband improve his strength and stamina, and that has definitely happened, but I was truly considering giving up bowling, because I had gotten so bad. Now, with Maria's help, I am excited about the sport again, so Thank you!

       - D. Sinclair

On May 3rd as I was doing my last set of chest exercises I felt a pop in my shoulder. When I woke up the next morning I could barely move my arm -- it was literally hanging at its side and the pain in my shoulder was intense. I thought I had seriously injured myself and thoughts of shoulder surgery swirled through my head. Someone I know suggested I get in touch with Maria. I emailed her and she sent me back a list of questions to answer. I answered them all and she emailed me back that she had a good idea what was wrong (she was of the opinion I had a proximal bicep tendon injury) and told me her fee to help get me better. She also calmed me down about my fear of surgery. I gladly agreed to pay her fee and she sent me back a program of specific shoulder strengthening exercises that target certain muscles along with a schedule of when to ice and a recommendation of a natural anti-inflammatory cream and exactly when to use it. Most trainers would just stop there, but Maria emailed me a few days later to check up on me and see how I felt asking me very targeted questions and offering additional advice. Every day I felt a little bit of improvement. It is now May 12th and I can lift my arm over head with only a tiny bit of discomfort and I have recovered almost all of my range of motion. I cannot thank Maria enough for her expertise!! I recommend anybody who wants to get in better shape or rehab an injury, hire Maria -- her knowledge, thoughtfulness and caring are worth every penny !!

          - J. P., New York