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After a long career in coaching gymnastics both at the provincial and national levels in Ontario and at the state level in Michigan, I decided to take on a new venture. I became certified as a personal fitness trainer through the International Sport Sciences Association. With a background in gymnastics techniques, which included courses in bio mechanics, sport physiology, coaching techniques, choreography, teaching methodology, fitness skills training, management & organization, sports injury, and judging. I became interested in fitness so it was only natural to move into the fitness industry.

On November 18, 2001, I started my own business!

My aim is to train, educate and assist others to reach their goals in fitness and nutrition. With the experience and the extensive background in coaching gymnastics, certification as a personal trainer and competing as a bodybuilder/physique competitor, I am working with clients ranging from the novice to the avid weight lifter, to athletes in various sports. I develop individual programs based on my clients' needs, goals, and current health. Progress is monitored through body fat composition and weight training.

Do you have gym equipment at home? I can design a program based on what you have at home!! 

Certification includes:

- ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

- NCCP Level 3 Gymnastics Coach

- Registered Nutritional Product Advisor

- First Aid & CPR

- ISSA Performance Nutrition


When many people decide to get into shape, they aren't always sure where to begin or even how to begin. The first thing they think of is getting a membership at the local gym and start lifting weights. I have seen over the years that a good number of people continue to go to the gym faithfully and yet don't get the results they are looking for.

In most cases, the nutrition aspect of getting into better physical shape is over-looked. Many people are not aware that proper nutrition is the key in getting that "six pack" stomach. Generally, they think they are eating healthy by eating 3 square meals a day and healthy foods. Eating smaller meals more frequently will help to get the metabolism burning at a higher rate. Nutrition isn't just eating healthy but fueling the body to burn the body fat. I can get into a detailed description of nutrition but to keep it simple for people to be able to stick to a plan is also important.

Protein is often the missing link to most people's diets. Protein is the macro nutrient that helps build our muscles. Most diets or meal plans as I like to call it, lack in this area. A quick and effective way to get in some protein is by supplementing your diet with protein shakes found in most health food stores!

Brad King High Alpha Whey Protein

Preferred Nutrition (

The carbohydrates are abundant in most selections of foods. This macro nutrient is the energy source. In most cases, too much carbohydrates in a diet will be stored as fat for future use and that is where a lot of people run into their problems.

Fats are an important macro nutrient as well. As long as we consume the "good fats" verses the "bad fats" then we should be able to live healthy lifestyles. Although some people have been led to believe that fat is just bad and we shouldn't consume it at all, there are the fish oils and unsaturated oils that are important in our meal plans. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) can be found in most health food stores.

Udo's Oil 369 Blend

Flora Health (

Supplementation may also be necessary if individuals are lacking in foods or a variety of different nutrients and macro nutrients. People are starting to become more aware of what is out there in the way of supplementing their diets. Individuals are looking for other health alternatives to stay healthy by way of supplementing. With so many new products coming out almost on a daily basis, it is important to read up on products and know what you are consuming. I've worked at The Water Bug Health Food for the past 15 years. I can help you understand what to take and when to help you optimize the benefits of taking supplements.

I educate my clients on the importance of protein, carbohydrates and fats in the diet. They begin to understand how these macro nutrients affect our bodies. Each person is individual and certain foods will react differently in each of us. I know from my own experience with preparing for competitions. As my clients continue with their meal plans, work out programs and cardiovascular training, I help them to keep track of their progress with body fat compositions on a regular basis, depending on each individuals goals.

Eat smart and stay healthy!